Tuesday 30 July 2019

Exclusive Interview With Eze Justice (Nollywood Actor and Director).

Exclusive Interview


Eze  Justice 

(Nollywood Actor and Director).

Tell us about you ?

My name Eze Prince Justice, I hail from Ikwano East local government of Abia state.
Born and brought up in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. 30year old, born March 10 1989, 5.11 feet. I am a passionate and professional actor,director, model and entrepreneur, youth reformist/activist.
Favorite food : Fufu and egusi soup with lots of attitudes. (Laughing)
Favorite colours : purple and blue
Love to travel, meet people, make new friends, adventurous and loves surfing the Internet.
Bagged a few awards like "Face of Nollywood 2016", Entrepreneur Of the Year NIGERIA HERITAGE ICON AWARDS 2017, Youth Actor of the year 2018 Campus Hub awards, Fashionista Of the year Youth Impact Awards amongst several nominations
Financial Secretary "Actors Guild Of Nigeria Oyo-State chapter. 2014 and now Acting Chairman Actors Guild of Nigeria Oyo State chapter.
I'm married to Eze Sheila Onome with my bundle of joy Eze Malcolm Chukwudiebude.

Do you recall any interesting stories related to you by any of your relatives that you have never forgotten and you think are worth telling the audience ? 

 Ermm... Lots of stories. Okay there's this particular one that still trills me anytime... Hahaha... Happened right I front of me. Okay, few years ago my family traveled to the village for my late grandfather's funeral, you know as city people naa, we needed to explore everything about the village life. Lol... This  particular day we followed some of family members to the stream which is a normal routine. You know so happy to feel the air and freshness of the vegetation my younger brother "Ogadinma" and myself decided to swim. We undressed and got into the shallow part of the water trying to swim, then I started hearing some funny sounds like somebody really gulping some serious water in the mouth, turned around and noticed it's my own brother that is really into this water business almost loosing his breath...Lol... I was shocked and amazed as well as everybody in the stream. I raised him up and asked "wetin happen", he replied "I dey swim naa... I told he was almost drowning... He said "Shebi Naso fish dey swim naa, dem dey always open mouth" everybody burst into laughter. I was like Wow so you wan drink the water for stream finish ? Hahahaha... Everybody laughed at the scene wondering if this is a city boy or a forest boy. Hahahaha.
Why did you decide to choose acting as a career?

Hahahaha... I love that question... I didn't choose acting, acting chose me. It is the "most heard" calling. And i started discovering myself in it while I was boy, about 5-6 years old then always participating in almost every activities in church, drama, dance, recitation even got awards in Sunday school department. You know, not knowing I was having fun training  and harnessing myself and talent to a career which kick started  professionally 2009 now paying my bills today and will continue to pay. Lol. AMEN !

What skills according to you are necessary for a successful actor ?

According to me, To be a successful actor one must possess some certain skills, just to mention a few; 
1. An actor must be convincing in his role and accurately portray elements such as time and emotion to the audience. To be a successful in front of the camera or on stage.
 2. Which I feel is first thing first (I stand to be corrected) A great actor shows tremendous respect to the craft, script, writers, directors and all other key personnel involved in a production.
3. There is a true commitment to becoming the best actor he/she can be, as well as to working hard and preserving through rejection to find the best roles especially during auditions and castings.
4. A great actor is confident in his work and portrays that confidence both during a performance as well as in public to help create a rapport with the public which is also important because you're the mirror of yourself. 
5. A great actor has a natural talent for performing and entertaining.
6. To be a successful actor, must at least some degree of vanity that drives him/her  to continue to improve and excel at the craft, then there's no limit to being successful.

How do you handle attention ?

 Just being me. In as much as everybody loves attention, being original and not forgetting to smile.

Your most embarrassing moment ?    

Hahahahaha... Okay this one is so awkward Oh God ! Choi !! Hahahaha... Went for an event looking all fly and glamorous with with friends and colleagues and a warm reception to the table, you know, feeling feeling fly like celebrities... Lol. After so many greetings as I was innocently about to sit down I heard a "praa" bent and realized it was my pants.... Hahahaha ! Oboy ! Well, I just continued the wide smile on my face only myself, the chair and my friend sitting close to me I told immediately. Oh well, you might ask what did I do ? Brother, I was stuck in that chair until the end of the show mehn ! And almost the last person to leave the venue. Lol... Was funny thou !

Your philosophy about life?       

My philosophy can also be called my priorities which are God, family and career. Not forgetting to make somebody smile everyday either by giving and empowerment. Live, love and laugh. Be happy ! That's all.

Tell us about a time where you had difficulty turning yourself into a character ?  

Smiles... I never had difficulty turning myself into a character. I could even make sounds like few animals like cock, goats, dog etc. hahahahahaha

What words in your career do you deeply find offensive ?

You need my connection to survive, sounds really annoying. 

What career would you do aside from acting ?   

Film making again and again. Hahahahaha

Are you working on any project?  

10. Yes I am "Broken Heart series" by Micromedia production makers, The Nomadic Travels Shows with Dr. Onyeka Nwelue under Blue and Hills, Shakabula with Ore Ofe Williams AwoJesu production and on pre-production of a cinema job. 

Who was the biggest influence in your career ? 

I have a few names like Jazzy B,  Kunle Afolayan, Ore Ofe Williams, Dr. Onyeka Nwelue and I'm proud to mention them.

 How do you see Nollywood currently ?

  I am so much proud of today's Nollywood, we are swiftly developing as we are the world second best. Hollywood and Nollywood are like head and neck right now. I'm so glad and I believe we can always be better.

You have a single ticket for one return trip in a time machine. what time and place will you go to visit ?

Miami beach ! Oh my goodness. I dream it, the atmosphere, the serene. Oh my my my ! Pretty soon I know it. MIAMI BEACH !!! (Screaming) hahaha.

Do you intend of leaving the filming industry soon ?

 Not at all ! I'm just approaching my peak, so there's no leaving anytime soon at all o. 

Where do you see yourself in the next 6 years ?   
Still serving God through philanthropism, married with children and winning my AMVCAs, AMAA, OSCARs etc. By the special grace of Yahweh.

Mention Five(5) things people don't know about you ?

Five things. Hmmm... i. I fear God ii. I'm the first child, first son. iii. I am shy (Lol) iv. I stay up late night v. I cook really good too. 

Message for your fans.

Wow ! To fans, everybody who has ever supported me even before the vision was clear and now, I love you so much. I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart. Also have the determination of a mirror, It never loses its ability to reflect even if it's broken into thousands of pieces. Let your passion continue to trigger you, remember why you started. Work hard, work smart, play harder. NEVER forget to make God your solid foundation which can never be shaken. Don't forget to Live, Love, Laugh be happy. See you at the top. Gracias !!!
It has been a funfilled and knowledgeable time spent with Mr Eze Prince Justice, thank you for being part of our exclusive interviews which will be published on our magazine and our online platforms. We appreciate your time sincerely.
The pleasure  is all mine, I appreciate the privilege also. 

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