Saturday 3 December 2016


           The Journey of  Thousand Mile Start with a Bold Step...

            Echo's of our heart.

            Ho! Dear Television Viewers.

With joy in our heart we write this humble note of a little beginning and stronger future that we hope for

November 2015 marked the beginning of so many occurrence in our growing brands; Exclusive Media, Exclusive iCare Foundation and most importantly the birth of our most cherish baby Exclusive iCcareTV which happens to be our own favorite. We give the master of life honor and glory for a 365 days of unending overflow of His grace.

In the beginning, we knew what we wanted to give and provide to our television viewers worldwide, our vision is clear and bold.

Above all we want to thank everyone that stood with our baby in her crawling days. Shes pretty growing now, most o her enemies are running back to her friend and shes never going to stop to keep up the vision and mission of caring for people.

By this we promise to keep up the best in all our online contents/projects: Sapphire's Diary and Back to the Root. We will not forget the love you Showed Exclusive iCare Unmask, Unusual Sunday etc all in just one year!

We are rest assured that you will always be there for us. We promise always to give you best of online television programming.

Dont forget to catch all our favorite programs on our website and follow us on our social media pages.

We look forward to the official unveiling of our two new programs and online radio. Watch out.

From all of us at Exclusive iCareTV

Oluwasegunfunmi Adedeji (Exclusive)
Ayo' Emmanul - Ojo (Aydblk)
Sharon Omotayo Ayeni (MicWitch)
Ore Adeleke (Miss 
Nicholas Ajayi (Strategist)
King Hadesire (Tallest)
Omowumi Dorcas (Exclusive P.A)

And all our Technical Team, we say thank you for been a part of our REIGN with overflow RAIN.

Yours Faithfully 

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a HAPPY New year in advance !

Exclusive iCareTV '16

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